AMMCOR Recommends | Be Part of an Animal Rescue Team

AMMCOR Recommends | Be Part of an Animal Rescue Team

In all the years that AMMCOR has been supporting the various causes and programs of American Humane, they have seen the organization’s dedication to safeguarding the rights and lives of animals, especially abused, neglected or abandoned cats and dogs. Image Source: Mission Manager

On AMMCOR reviews, it was noted that during natural disasters or calamities, that a lot of pets get lost or become displaced and others are not so fortunate as to make it out alive. With natural disasters occurring at more frequent intervals and at a more cataclysmic scale, animal rescue organizations like American Humane need all the help they can get. And this is why, again based on AMMCOR reviews, volunteering for an animal rescue team is among the top choices of individuals who want to get more involved in animal rights advocacies.

To become a volunteer for the American Humane animal rescue team, AMMCOR shares that the candidate must be at least 18 years old and must have completed and submitted the following: American Humane volunteer application, American Humane volunteer agreement, and American Humane vehicle operation policy agreement.

AMMCOR reviews also note that applicants must undergo and complete American Humane’s Basic Animal Emergency Services Training, which is a two-day course that teaches applicants the fundamentals of disaster response. Apart from this course, AMMCOR shares that applicants must also undergo the following Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) courses: Introduction to Incident Command, Incident Command System for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents, National Incident Management System, An Introduction; and Introduction to National Response Plan.

Further, AMMCOR reviews found that the applicant must have a current tetanus shot, and the American Humane recommends volunteer responders to get the following shots as well: Hepatitis A and B vaccination and pre-rabies exposure.

AMMCOR recommends that it would be best to volunteer at an animal shelter first before applying for the rescue team. Your time at the shelter will give you a firsthand experience in the proper handling of, and caring for, rescued animals. You will also get to learn important protocols and regulations, especially in animal rescues.

Once you officially become a volunteer for the animal rescue team, you may or may not be called for every emergency, especially since you’re still new. AMMCOR shares that what often happens is; volunteers within the area of disaster will be notified about operations through email (which the volunteers must reply to immediately, whether yes or no) and then about 50 volunteers who replied ‘yes’ will be shortlisted. From this 50, there could only be about a quarter of the volunteers who will be asked to join the operations.

Also, shares AMMCOR, new volunteers are often paired with the more seasoned and experienced rescuers. AMMCOR reviews mention that according to American Humane:

“All new volunteers start at the shelter level and can work their way onto a field team after gaining the necessary verifiable experience and skills.”

Are you ready to save more animals? AMMCOR encourages you to visit American Humane’s official website.

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