AMMCOR | Adopting Pets over Buying Them

AMMCOR | Adopting Pets over Buying Them

AMMCOR asks that if you peer into Rufus’s eyes (at least that’s what you plan to call him) and feel that you have met your low-key doggy soulmate. Who could blame you given Rufus’s beautiful doggy brown eyes and irresistible wagging tail? But if you stumbled across Rufus in a pet store or met him through a dog breeder, you may want to think twice about purchasing him, according to AMMCOR, a major supporter of dog rescue organizations, such as the Animal Hope and Wellness Foundation and American Humane. (AMMCOR reviews these organizations to determine which ones to sponsor.) Let’s take a look at why pet stores and breeders may not be the best choice if you’re shopping for a new pet.

The Problems with Dogs for Sale

Designer dogs and purebred dogs have traditionally been popular choices among those interested in bringing home new pets. However, today, many aspiring pet owners are finding their new fur babies at rescue groups and shelters instead. This is because fewer people are showing interest in spending large sums of money on purebreds.

AMMCOR states that part of the reason for this shift is that most people don’t care a lick (pardon the pun) about dog pedigrees. What they really care about? A dog’s personality. And dogs that are “preloved” can have some of the best personalities around. Image Source: Reader’s Digest

Dogs who are up for adoption and puppies for sale may seem quite similar on the surface. The truth, though, is that they couldn’t be more different.

Here’s why.

When you choose to purchase a pet from a pet store or a breeder rather than adopt her, you become part of a major problem. For instance, many store-bought dogs aren’t neutered or spayed, so they end up having litters of puppies. With no one to care for these puppies, these animals may eventually end up dying in shelters — something that is totally preventable.

However, AMMCOR says, if you decide to adopt a dog instead, you become part of the solution. Plus, you can easily find a dog who is adorable, fun, unique, and sweet through an animal rescue organization.

More on Pet Stores and Dog Breeders

Pet stores that sell puppies oftentimes get their animals from puppy mills, or commercial breeders. The problem with these breeders is that they often breed animals in not-so-pleasant conditions. After all, they are businesses first, which means they’ll cut costs and do whatever they can to protect their bottom lines.

Even if you go with a backyard breeder, this still presents some problems as well. For example, a backyard breeder — similarly to a pet mill — is notorious for engaging in overbreeding. Even backyard cat breeders may produce their kittens in conditions that mirror those of a mill, with adult animals being bred constantly to churn out animals.

In addition, many breeders keep their dogs in tiny cages around the clock, so they receive no love and experience minimal human interaction. As a result, these animals live horrible lives, and they may unfortunately become sick or even die as a result.

The moral of the story?

Say yes to dog adoption and no to pet stores and breeding, according to AMMCOR. The world will be all the better for it.