AMMCOR | Adopt and Rescue a Pet Rather Than Buy

AMMCOR | Adopt and Rescue a Pet Rather Than Buy

If you’re thinking of taking home a furry friend and adding it to your family, AMMCOR recommends adopting rescued or sheltered animals. Here are some great reasons why you should head to a nearby animal shelter instead of the pet store:

You can help save a life. AMMCOR reviews reveal that every year, as many as six to eight million healthy homeless pets wait to be adopted from animal shelters—so many that millions are euthanized because of overcrowding. If more people considered adoption when looking for a pet instead of buying, not only can the number of euthanized animals in shelters be reduced, but shelters also gain more space to accept more animals that are in desperate need of help.

Help make the marketplace less available to puppy and kitten mills. You’re probably can’t help but fall in love after seeing the adorable animals sold in pet stores, but the reality is that they usually come from large-scale commercial dog- or cat-breeding operations. Here, animals tend to live in unclean, inhumane, and overpopulated conditions. According to AMMCOR, reviews and proper maintenance of such places are unheard of, and animals are bred without proper care or consideration for genetic quality. When profit is placed above the safety and well-being of animals, this can result in generations of dogs and cats with unchecked hereditary defects.

Save money. Speaking of buying from breeders or pet stores, these places are considerably more expensive than adopting from an animal shelter. Depending on the age and breed of the animal, buying from a breeder or pet store could cost anywhere from a few hundred dollars to upwards of $1000 without any veterinary and health benefits, according to AMMCOR reviews. On the other hand, animal shelters spay and neuter pets before they’re set up for adoption, saving pet owners hundreds of dollars in veterinary costs. Most animals also undergo full physical exams and are also micro-chipped and vaccinated after they have been rescued by the shelter. Image Source: njspca

Minimize pet training costs and effort. One of the big myths about rescued animals is that all of them have behavior problems or that they have been rescued from abusive owners. The reality is that most of these animals have ended up in shelters because their owners are unable to care for them due to financial problems or loss of income, divorce, or lack of access to pet-accessible housing or veterinary care. AMMCOR did reviews on many animal shelters and found that many of the pets there, especially older ones, have already been house-trained and socialized. The goal of most of these facilities is to get pets out of their care and into new homes as efficiently as possible, which is why they include health care and basic training and manners in their care for the animals. This will make it easier for the pets to settle into their new owners’ homes.

AMMCOR proudly supports American Humane, the first national organization to advocate for the safety, well-being and welfare of animals. Visit their blog to learn more about American Humane, as well as for more information on pet adoption and how you can further help maintain and safeguard animals’ rights and welfare.