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As mentioned on the landing page, AMMCOR Reviews will share details about the company on the About page. This page is where existing and potential clients, as well as the public, can learn more about AMMCOR. If you’re looking for information about the company and its services, you’ve come to the right place! AMMCOR Reviews provides details about the HOA management firm below.

Maintenance Corporation

Maintenance Corporation or AMMCOR is a California-based firm that specializes in Homeowners’ property management, providing a wide array of professional services to HOAs in Orange County, CA communities.

Established in 1979, AMMCOR Reviews shares that the HOA management firm currently has in its portfolio over 15,000 homes in Orange County. Of good standing with the Community Associations Institute (CAI), “an international membership organization dedicated to building better communities,” (taken from the CAI website), and with a General Manager who previously served on the elected Board of Directors of the California Association of Community Managers (CACM), HOAs can rest assured that the services provided by AMMCOR are up to par with the industry’s standards and best practices.

Moreover, shares AMMCOR Reviews, the company only has on its team professionals who are experts in the respective fields, and who deliver services with utmost professionalism and with the highest regard for client satisfaction—both the HOA itself and its member homeowners.


AMMCOR services can be broken down into three general categories, to make it simple for readers. These are Financial Processing, Collection Procedures, and Tenant Relationships.

Financial Processing services are provided by CPAs to ensure that every penny is accounted for, auditing is organized, and books are current. AMMCOR Reviews further shares that the services included here help the Board become good stewards of the HOAs finances; helping them save, stretch, invest and grow their financial portfolio to better serve the community and its members.

Collection Procedures, on the other hand, ensure that monthly association dues are collected on time, and that collection practices, as well as the fees, are focused on the best interest of the community. The Board is given assistance in terms of reviewing current collection practices, amending or updating policies as deemed necessary for the benefit of the HOA and its members.

As for Tenant Relationships, AMMCOR Reviews shares, the company is focused on making the tenant’s residency as smooth and easy as possible (reviewing and taking steps when necessary to make residency less problematic). They understand that tenant residency with fewer issues benefits both the community and the tenant, and when applicable, the property owner.

Advantages of partnering with AMMCOR

Apart from the services mentioned above, partnering with AMMCOR for your HOA management needs provides you with the following advantages:

  • 24-hour emergency service with a live response
  • Telephone calls are answered by a live agent and not by an automated/machine response
  • Board of Directors Education Seminars provided for free upon the request of the Board
  • AMMCOR Ombudsman to help you with conflict resolution
  • Free review of your HOA’s Delinquency Policy (with written recommendations)

For the Board of Directors Education Seminars, these include all or any of the following: Understanding Financials, Coping with Homeowner Complaints, Fairness in Collections, Basic Board Member Duties, Fiduciary Responsibility & Obligations, and Adequate Insurance Coverage.