Welcome to AMMCOR Reviews! This website was created for the benefit of AMMCOR’s clients as well as the public. Maintenance Corporation or AMMCOR is a leading HOA management company serving the communities of Orange County, California.

The main purpose of AMMCOR Reviews is to spread awareness about the advocacies that the company support—those that hold a special place in their hearts. They wish to provide information about mental health issues that commonly afflict war veterans returning home from their tour of duty. By sharing information about the organizations that they support, as well their participation in these organizations’ programs and events, AMMCOR hopes to encourage others to help the country’s wounded soldiers as well, especially those suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD or sometimes PTS) and traumatic brain injuries (TBI).

For AMMCOR, war veterans are the most unappreciated members of society; often neglected, abandoned, and regarded as “outsiders.” The company hopes to put an end to this discrimination; hence, AMMCOR Reviews. Apart from their advocacies, this website will also share helpful tips and information regarding HOAs and the company’s HOA management services.

To give readers an idea of what they can expect from AMMCOR Reviews, below is a general breakdown of what’s included here:

About – This page will give readers detailed information about the company, from its early beginnings to where it is now, as well as the expert services that they provide to communities through their HOAs.

News – This page is where readers can learn more about one of the organizations that AMMCOR supports, the American Humane. Programs, events, and more about the organization and the company’s participation will be posted here.

Awards – For this page, AMMCOR Reviews will share details about the awards that the company has received for their charitable works and participation in community events. The purpose of this page is not merely to talk about the awards that AMMCOR has received over the years but more importantly, to highlight the importance of giving back to the community and how the supported organizations deeply appreciate even simple gestures.

Blog – The blog page is where AMMCOR Reviews will talk more about helping veterans suffering from PTSD and TBI, how we can all help, and what more needs to be done to prevent discrimination. This page will also share posts on HOAs, HOA management services that will benefit the HOA itself and the HOA members, as well as tips and advice on home and property management.

To get started, you are invited to visit the rest of the website. To learn more about the company, please visit the About page. To learn how you can support American Humane, kindly navigate to the News page.

To ensure that you will receive the latest updates from AMMCOR Reviews, you are encouraged to bookmark this site. For questions about how you can help wounded veterans through American Humane or if you need more information about the company’s HOA management services, please feel free to send your questions through this site. AMMCOR Reviews looks forward to seeing all of you again here soon!